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Ear Clear 消除耳內濕熱草本配方 for pets 40 grams

• 耳道感染
• 耳道炎症
• 耳油
• 耳道痕癢
• 搖晃
• 耳內異味
• 耳內良性肉瘤


Clears heat and dampness from the ears. Supports the immune system.* Herbal relief for this difficult to treat condition. This formula helps by treating the cause as well as the symptoms.
• Ear infection
• Ear inflammation
• Wax
• Itchy ears
• Repeated shaking of the head
• Smelly ears
• Benign growths in the ear

Gentian root, bupleurum root, alisma rhizome, plantago leaf, clematis, rehmannia root, dong quai root, gardenia fruit, baical scutellaria root, licorice root, fo-ti root, eyebright herb, echinacea purpurea root, stevia leaf.

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