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D'Arcy product line
Hoxsey, with boneset 預防癌症華澤蘭草本配方 for pets 40 grams

此配方為HOXSEY FORMULA的另一配方,除能有效預防癌症,同時亦增加對付骨肉瘤的功效,能有效預防包括:
• 癌症
• 治療癌症
• 化學療法
• 骨肉瘤
• 骨痛
• 癌症炎痛


Classic cancer prevention for osteosarcoma.
• Cancer
• Cancer prevention
• Chemotherapy
• Osteosarcoma
• Bone pain
• Cancer pain with inflammation

Oregon grape root, burdock root, red clover flower, boneset herb, prickly ash bark, stillingia root, alfalfa leaf, cascara sagrada bark, poke root, licorice root.

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