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D'Arcy product line
Hoxsey Formula 預防癌症草本配方 for pets 40 grams

此配方所含的草本精華能有效地增強及促進寵物的免疫系統反應,從而幫助對抗因病毒引起的感染細胞和癌細胞,而藉由促進免疫抗體的同時,更能把體內的毒素排出, 專門針對的症狀包括:
• 癌症
• 治療癌症
• 化學療法


Classic cancer prevention. Powerful herbal protection that increases and builds the immune response, while at the same time stimulating the release of accumulated toxins. .
• Cancer
• Cancer prevention
• Chemotherapy

Oregon grape root, burdock root, red clover flowers, alfalfa leaf, prickly ash bark, stillingia root, cascara sagrada bark, poke root, licorice root.

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