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D'Arcy product line
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Liver Heprotect 強化肝臟功能草本配方 for pets 40 grams

• 血液中肝臟酶素過高
• 脂肪肝
• 嘔吐
• 缺乏食慾
• 黃疸
• 眼黃
• 陶色大便
• 腹脹


Herbal protection for the health of the liver. The herbs in this formula have been shown to improve liver function by cleansing and regenerating the liver.
• Elevated liver enzymes in the blood
• Hepatic lipidosis
• Vomiting
• Poor appetite
• Juandice
• Yellowing eyes
• Light colored bowel
• movements Swelling of the abdomen

Milk thistle seed, bupleurum root, pinellia rhizome, baical skullcap root, Asian ginseng root, licorice root, ginger rhizome, zizyphus fruit, schisandra fruit, stevia leaf.

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