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D'Arcy product line
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Lung Soothe 舒緩肺部草本配方

• 咳嗽
• 因吠而產生的咳嗽
• 二手煙
• 喉嚨炎
• 乾咳
• 狗房咳
• 貓支氣管炎感染
• 氣喘


Herbs to soothe, moisten, and calm irritation in the lungs.
Relieves dry coughs, cleanses the lungs and calms irritation.
• Cough
• Exposure to second hand smoke
• Gagging
• Croup-like cough
• Hacking cough
• Sticky Phlegm
• Kennel cough (bordetella bronchiseptica)
• Feline viral rhinotracheitis
• Wheezy breathing

Prepared rehmannia root, cornus fruit, dioscorea root, moutan bark, poria sclerotium, alisma rhizome, zizyphus seed, ophiopogonum tuber, wild cherry bark, eucalyptus leaf, schisandra fruit, stevia leaf.

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