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All Fresh

All-Fresh 利用類似海棉的鹽粒組成,這些鹽能快速吸收難聞氣味,氣味清新(甜薄荷)。用途非常廣泛,一般使用可將小量All-Fresh放於器皿上幫助吸收難聞氣味, 或灑於貓沙及垃圾桶內作辟味用途,更可於洗衣程序時加入以消除難聞的衣服氣味,而要去除房間內的煙味及難聞氣味時則可以用清水稀釋作為噴霧使用。

All-Fresh 用途廣泛適合用於家庭、狗埸、馬牛棚等等。能有效地消除任何惡臭,完全不含毒素, 100%自然分解,適合任何環境使用。 All-Fresh 能快速地令處理過的地方氣味清新. 非常有效及容易使用。All-Fresh 是高濃縮只用小量即可,能稀釋於水中作噴霧及加入水中加熱清除煙味、空氣中發霉氣味。絕不傷害任何生態。

建議使用: 加1-2茶匙於貓沙箱、一湯匙份量加入洗衣程序中清除衣物中氣味、於地毯上灑上1-2匙,30分鐘後吸去。用於垃圾桶及廁盆內、噴於寵物籠、狗埸、車內等等!

All-Fresh is perfect for every bad odor situation you can imagine! This product has been used extensively in households, kennels, stables, etc. to successfully eliminate all types of malodors.Completely non-toxic, safe to use in any situation, and 100% bio-degradable.

All-Fresh is composed of sponge-like salts that absorb odors, rather than just covering them. All-Fresh works quickly and leaves the treated area smelling clean and fresh. Extremely effective and easy to use. All-Fresh is highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. May also be diluted with water and used in a spray bottle or simmering pot to rid enclosed areas of smokey, musty smells that linger in the air. Earth-friendly, pet-friendly, cruelty-free, no animal testing.

Suggested Uses: Add 1-2 teaspoons to litter box. Add a tablespoon during rinse cycle to remove odors from fabric. Spread one or two teaspoons over carpeting, wait 30 minutes and vacuum. Use in trash cans or diaper pails. Sprinkle around the perimeter of animal cages, kennels, trailers, garages, etc. Thousands of uses!

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