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Gentle Lax-A-Pet

隨著年齡老化、內部機能減慢,很多寵物都會出現便秘或腹瀉等問題,再加上吸收膳食纖維不足、食用過多零食及運動量不足,寵物的腸胃功能更會令這些問題惡化。Gentle Lax-A-Pet 酵母粉中所含的天然纖維質及洋東前子能有效改善這些腸胃問題及幫助消化。

Gentle Lax-A-Pet是提供寵物於膳食中欠缺的天然纖維素,配方天然及安全,能有效改善寵物因欠缺纖維素而產生的問題:
• 缺乏纖維素
• 運動不足
• 過多零食
• 因高齡而出現的腸胃功能退化

Gentle Lax-A-Pet Constipation and diarrhea trouble many dogs and cats. Insufficient dietary fiber, too many unhealthy "snacks," not enough exercise and slow-down of intestinal function in aging pets all cause elimination problems. Gentle Lax-A-Pet balances your pet's diet by providing natural fiber—psylium seed in a base of primary yeast.
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