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• 代替水洗或使用含化學成份洗滌劑
• 適合乾性皮膚或對洗滌劑敏感的寵愛使用
• 清洗
• 缺乏水洗情況下使用
• 於寒冷天氣下使用
• 於寵物不能入浴時

長期使用洗滌劑沖洗,能令你的寵物皮膚失去油脂保護而產生痕癢等問題。跟一般傳統洗滌劑不同,Plush 不會遺留難受的殘餘物,其成份能溫和地清除難聞氣味及污積同時亦能有效滋養皮膚及毛髮. 就連你自己的雙手也感到光滑柔軟! 18安士特大搖瓶能足夠長時間使用。適合所有短毛狗及貓使用!

Plush Brush on Plush - Brush out odor, dirt, dandruff and excess oil.Plush is enriched with Biotin and Aloe. 100% safe, natural and organic. Contains no talc, chemicals, detergents or solvents. Deodorizes without "smelly" perfumes.Use Plush:
• Instead of water and chemical shampoos, for pets with dry skin or allergy.
• For touch-up and "spot" cleaning or when water is not available.
• In cold weather or if a bath is impractical.

Water and shampoo strip out natural, protective oils and leave your dog feeling itchy and miserable - the way your skin feels when you stay under the shower too long. Unlike conventional shampoos with detergents or solvents, Plush leaves no irritating residue.

Plush gently removes odor and dirt while it conditions the skin and coat. Plush makes your own hands feel silky-smooth, too! Generous 18-ounce jar with a handy shaker dispenser is enough for many applications. Best for short-haired dogs and all cats.

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