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醫學專家認為,對所有生物而言維他命E是最有效的抗氧化物, 並能有效地保護心臟、呼吸,生殖、免疫及神經系統等問題。有部分自由基的產生是由於空氣污染,但新陳代謝中氧氣的使用過程也會產生這種副產物(例如運動),而抗氧化物就能對抗這些捐害。於寵物的飼料中加入維他命E是目前最為有效並價廉的預防方法,其抗氧功能也能有效減慢自然衰老、預防及治療炎症、慢性關節退化病及關節炎、心臟病、腎臟肝臟衰退、過敏、癌症、自我免疫系統疾病及增強寵物抵抗多種疾病的攻擊。

Vite-E-Pet 是濃縮粉劑, 每磅維他命E內含 227,000 IU。維他命E對寵物而言是不可缺少的. 而Vite-E-Pet是採用質量保證程式及嚴格管理的生產過程而制造。為保持你的寵物健康、有活力及長壽,最有效的方法就是在他們飼料中加入Vite-E-Pet。每匙含有45IU. 每隻體重30磅的寵物只需餵飼1-2匙便能達致最佳效果. 每日一次便能令寵物吸收足夠所需的維他命E。每樽 Vite-E-Pet重 1 1/2安士,可供四至六個月使用。

Vite-E-Pet Protect your pet from free radical damage. Vitamin E is recognized by medical experts as the most important antioxidant and beneficial to all living creatures for the heart, respiratory, reproductive, immune and nervous systems. Antioxidants neutralize oxygen free radicals which are by-products of breathing and other processes that involve oxygen.

Supplementing a pet's diet with antioxidants is perhaps the single most important, effective and inexpensive way of slowing down the aging process while significantly increasing the animal's resistance to many diseases. Antioxidant supplementation is a method of preventing and treating inflammatory, chronic and degenerative diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, lever or kidney failure, allergies, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Vite-E-Pet is super-concentrated, containing 227,000 IU of Vitamin E per pound. Every dog and cat needs Vitamin E.The potency of most naturally-occurring and added Vitamin E in pet food is diminished in the manufacturing process and further depleted in storage. To ensure the health, vitality and longevity of your pet, it is best to supplement the diet with Vitamin E. Each tiny scoop of Vite-E-Pet contains 45 IU. For dogs, feed 1-2 scoops daily per 30 lbs. of body weight to ensure an adequate intake of Vitamin E. For all cats, feed one scoop a day. Vite-E-Pet in a 11/2 oz. size lasts 4-6 months.

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