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Healthy Recovery

HEALTHY RECOVERY & Daily Maintenance 是為了幫助你的寵物於患病、壓力、傷口或手術後能快速恢復而成的天然食物添加劑. 全天然配方能令組織快速恢復及增強寵物身體抵抗能力. 是你的寵物每天不可缺乏的營養及合成化學物.

如果你的寵物正在受苦於創傷, 那HEALTHY RECOVERY 是你必要使用的產品. 給你的寵物朝向快速恢復的路上, 他們 HEALTHY RECOVERY & Daily Maintenance...是你的寵物所需的營養!

HEALTHY RECOVERY & Daily Maintenance is the natural food supplement designed to help your dog recover faster from trauma such as surgery, illness or stress. Its all-natural formula helps speeds tissue healing and gives your dog's body a fighting chance. Packed with those essential nutrients and anabolic essentials lacking from your dog's everyday diet.

If your dog has undergone some form of trauma then HEALTHY RECOVERY is the indicated product to use. Give your pet a head start on the road to a fast recovery, give them HEALTHY RECOVERY & Daily Maintenance...Nutrition when your dog needs it most!

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