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Hip Health

HIP HEALTH是一隻特別為你的寵物關節組織而生產的食物營養添加劑. 獨特配方能於短時期產生效用, 能減輕你深愛的寵物因關節的疼痛及不適而產生的痛楚. HIP HEALTH 就是所有寵物主人和獸醫一直所尋找的答案....HIP HEALTH 是一種適合於每餐加入的不含藥物成份抗關節炎營養添加劑.特惠裝適合繁殖家及專業訓練員.

HIP HEALTH is the food supplement made especially for your dog's connective tissue support. Its unique formulation works within days, relieving your beloved pet from the pain and discomfort associated with sore, tired and achy joints. HIP HEALTH is the answer to what many veterinarians and caring dog owners have requested from a supplement company...a superior drug-free anti-arthritic joint support supplement dogs can take with their regular meals.The value size for breeders and professional trainers.

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