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K-9 Senior

推薦給所有高齡寵物 K-9 SENIOR提供酵素, 維他命, 礦物質,必須脂肪酸 (奧米加-3 & 6), 及各種高齡犬所需要的營養. K-9 SENIOR 集中對付我們老朋友常見的問題; 在配方內加入酵素能減少氣體及難聞氣味, 維他命及礦物質能壓制自由基及提升免疫系統, 內含 1100 mg. 奧米加-3 (必需脂肪酸) 能提高活力水平及製造秀麗皮毛.

Recommended For All Older Dogs K-9 SENIOR provides enzymes, vitamins & minerals, essential fatty acids (omega-3 & 6), and other nutrients for the nutritional needs of senior dogs. K-9 SENIOR addresses the most common problems of our older friends; enzymes are used in the formula for digestion to help reduce gas and bad breath, vitamins and minerals are included to help quench free radicals and boost the immune system, and 1100 mg. of omega-3 (essential fatty acid) is included to improve energy levels and help produce a luxurious coat.

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